It's Time to Start Your Adventures

With live weapons, heavy fighting, and the arts and sciences all should find something suitable for them within the Shire of Forth castle.

Heavy Fighting

Heavy Weapons fighting is a full contact sport which is similar to the tourneys and melees of the medieval era. We use rattan instead of real swords as our weapons. Our combat is honor based. The combatants are trained to know what a good blow is and it is up to them to call the shot good. If you have ever thought about donning armor and testing yourself against others this is the place for you. We have some loaner gear for those that wish to try it out before committing to buying their own. All genders require the use of an Athletic cup (Not provided so bring your own!) as well as a safety waiver.

Live Weapons

Target archery and thrown weapons (collectively called Live Weapons) are open to all ages and very beginner friendly if you are trying to find something to try out. We use traditional style weapons (traditional bows, atlatls, spears, knives, and tomahawks/axes) on a regulated range with regular inspections of gear to insure the safety of both the active participants and the spectators. There are even Kingdom and Society level competitions that you can gain rankings for to show off your skill level if you wish. We have some loaner gear for those that wish to try it out before committing to buying their own. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our Live Weapons Marshal or one of our Live Weapons Marshals in Training.

Arts & Sciences

In the arts and Sciences we do things like pre 17th century lace making, to making yarn, weaving, sewing, bead making, brewing, coin making, cooking, hound coursing, embroidery, foot wear, leatherwork, and needlework, and that’s not all! We often have classes and topics just like these offered at events and many of our members are happy to tell you about their crafts.

And many more!

These are the only some of the activities within the SCA and if there isn’t something that seems interesting to you here don’t worry! There are many activities and we would be more than happy to help you find something your interested in!